Verona Flower

Daughter of the Lord


A young adult with the name of Verona Flower. She is a bastard, and the daughter of the Lord.
With her fiery red hair, and iceblue eyes, she is quite good looking, but noone will marry a Flower.

She loves to go out in the forest shooting animals for dinner, its her alone time. Away from all the courtmanship, the long and boring sessions about dancing, and etiquette.


Verona Flowers was born almost a year after the Lords wife had died, giving birth to twins. The family curse claimed the life of Verona’s mother as well. Verona’s twin never made it.

The Lord felt sorry for the little child, and decided that she should grow up with his kids, learning etiquette, dancing and such. Verona always felt she was a bit different, growing up, it was when she got to the age of 6 that some of the servants in the house told Verona the story.

That her mother had been a chef, and the Lord had made her pregnant.
Up until then Verona never though about her last name as something to be ashamed of. She liked flowers, they smelled great…. but this wasn`t that kind of flower…

Verona Flower

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