Jaqueline Averon

Pretty and persuasive, loves a good intrigue and strives towards a life as a courtier.



House Averon
Age 22
Gender Female

Goal Security/Riches
Motivation Fear/Excellence
Virtues Wise/Chaste
Vices Scheming/Ambitious


2 Agilitiy
2 Animal Handling
2 Athletics
4 Awareness Notice +1B, Empathy +1B
4 Cunning Memory +1B
4 Deception Bluff +1B
2 Endurance
1 Fighting
2 Healing
3 Language
3 Knowledge
2 Markmanship
6 Persuasion Charm +2B, Bargain +1B
5 Status Stewardship +1B
2 Stealth
1 Survival
2 Thievery
2 Warfare
3 Will


14 Intrigue Defense
9 Composure


10 Combat Defense
6 Health



Fear of wild canines


Jaqueline is the firsborn daughter of Lord Syruss Averon. She has a twin brother, Rhaegys, and although they have similar facial features, they are almost like night and day. Where Rhaegys has the colouring of their Valyrian blood, Jaqueline, with her full brown hair and gentle frame, is the image of her late mother, Ayla. The only hint of her blood heritage and her father is her blue eyes that frequently reflect a shade of purple.

Being his only (trueborn) daughter, Jaqueline is her fathers gem and has been very sheltered all her life. She knows little of how to survive in the great outdoors and is a useless fighter. Although she has been taught the basics of archery, she sees it as a man’s domain and not something a lady of noble blood should occupy herself with. The things that a lady of consequence should be doing, however, comes very naturally to her. She can sew, read, sing and converse, her manners are impeccable and she is very charming and persuasive when she wants to be. She also has a head for stewardship and as a child, she eagerly listened in when her (now deceased) older brother, Aehon, (and somethimes his twin, Daegar,) was being taught the delicate business of running a noble household. Now that Aehon is dead and Daegar is a warded hostage with the Karstarks, Jaqueline is the one who unofficially takes care of things when her father is away, although the duty officially rests on Rhaegys’ shoulders.

Jaqueline aspires to partake in the higher ranks of society, but her father is slow to let go of his gem who reminds him so of his beloved wife. He has already declined one request for his daughters hand in marriage, in spite of the strategic benefits that alliance had to offer, and his reluctance to allow Jaqueline’s presence in court has caused an icy silence in the dining hall on more than one occasion. She has, however, managed to negotiate herself to a few attendances at King’s Landing, among them being her debut at the tourney in celebration of Balon Greyjoy’s defeat in 289 AL, the ball honouring the birth of Princess Mycrella Baratheon the year after, and the tourney of 296 AL when Barristan Selmy was named Champion.

Although she usually gets along well with her twin, she sorely missed the company of her big brother Daegar, who has a personality that is much more like her own. Before he was warded, they could often be found in the company of Maester Liam, discussing anything from current events to ancient history, or walking in the garden of the Seven with Septa Marjolaine while Briamer (the servant boy who usually tends the garden) fought his bitter war against the over-growing bushes of Tansy.

Jaqueline Averon

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